New York Fashion Week introduced some amazing works of art that proved inspiring to those lucky enough to attend. As for me? I anxiously awaited the reviews, photos and articles online…at home. However, even through the lit computer screen, I was impressed. Touches of lace, (faux) fur, and embellishments were some of my favorites among the collections, along with the approach of minimalism (which I am entirely ecstatic about, I might add).

Now, obviously bringing high-end couture back to campus is unrealistic and just silly, but it is easy to incorporate elements of high style into your everyday wardrobe. This Fashionista, for example, seamlessly mixed patterns (stripes with a silver embellished dress) and styles (rocker boots with a preppy boatneck and yellow flower), which resulted in an adorable representation of current trends and classic style.

Hint: This look was achieved by layering a top over a dress – very creative. My guess is a similar outfit waiting in your closet at this moment (really, go check!).  I suggest mixing even more intense patterns (like stripes with this floral dress) together for a fun daywear, or tone it down with muted or darker colors for night. The boots are a great item to own as a transitional item for day to night. Try these similar ones from Fossil. When the weather cools down (as we Oregonians know it will) add a pair of tights for extra warmth and layer on a peacoat for those extra chilly days.

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