Fall might be in full swing, but luckily these warm days have allowed us to keep our summer shorts out for another week! When it is a little chillier, and when you are forced to sit in the classroom or work all day, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to rock a pair of shorts without looking too summer casual.

This Fashionista gives her casual look a professional edge by adding a fitted blazer over her white top and distressed red shorts. The contrast between the distressed look of her shorts and the preppiness of her blazer makes for a truly unique look. This Fashionista also adds a chic element to her look with her oversized sunglasses. She could be going to class or she could be going to work — this look is a versatile one with the right amount of chicness and attitude.

Does your look need a boost in the sophistication department? My advice for this week: bring on the blazer! By adding a blazer to her look, this week’s Fashionista totally amped up her look and gave her outfit a unique feel. To recreate this look, start out with a pair of shorts like these or these fun orange ones. Add a basic tank or tee, and then finally add on a blazer. This blazer comes in a number of colors and its fitted cut will be both flattering and professional. For a more basic and traditional blazer, try this one. For a final touch, add a pair of sunnies like this Fashionista. Add a blazer this fall for the perfect combination of sophistication and style.

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