The beginning of a new year is a time of change. Resolutions are made to go to the gym more, to spend more time helping others, or to be more adventurous. It is also a time of wardrobe changes for many Fashionistas/os, whether the resolution is to be more adventurous with their clothing choices or to hone their personal style.

A great way to start this wardrobe revamp is by adding sparkly pieces to your daywear, like our Fashionista does. Her white top may seem simple at first, but a closer look proves that it is anything but ordinary. The mixture of beading, sequins, and lace makes the top instantly chic. It also adds a little bit of glamour and glitz to the outfit that makes it feel fresh and fashionable. Our Fashionista styles it perfectly by paring the detailed top with neutral basics, allowing the top to standout without being overwhelming.

To follow our Fashionista’s footsteps and add some bling to your style, try a detailed top. Whether it is sequin-covered or sheer with sequin details, it will easily create an effortless and modern outfit. Pair the top with a simple blazer or cardigan to tone down the glitz just enough to be daytime chic. You can also pair a simple top and cardigan with a sparkly skirt or pair of trousers. Just remember to keep the rest of the outfit more casual. One of the easiest ways to incorporate sparkle look into your wardrobe is through a pair of glittering ballet flats that can quickly and effortlessly be worn with any outfit. By adding one of these standout items to your wardrobe, you can be sure to start 2011 in a glitzy way.

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