STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bring Your Favorite Runway to Campus

As designers, models, makeup artists and interns prep for their new fall/winter collections millions of Fashionistas around the country watch in awe. For CollegeFashionistas it often a struggle to watch models strut the runway in different arrays of silk, cotton and leather. The perfection and quality of design fabric is flawless and just right. No matter how badly our young hearts desire each collection, it is often unrealistic. The prices are a bit steep for most CollegeFashionistas and sometimes a bit too extravagant for our professors. Smart Fashionistas know how to combine styles similar to those seen on the runway with everyday essentials to get a truly commendable outfit. I found this Fashionista during Georgetown’s first Fashion Night Out in the True Religion store! She looks effortlessly chic in her denim shorts, laced up motorcycle boots and wild hair. The volume and creativity of her hair and makeup give this day look a more high fashion impression. Try L’Oreal’s Extra Strong Hair Spray to get a curly head of hair to stay in tack. Or try a bold eye color like the sky blue eye shadow in YSL eye shadow palette. Imitating anything you have seen on the runway and making it your own look is not only creative, but also original. Get inspired by the new and old looks on the runway and incorporate it into your own personal style!

Hint: Stealing ideas from the runway is okay! When mixed with basic wardrobe essentials, statement pieces like a bold silk blouse or colorful pumps can turn any outfit into a high fashion look.

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