STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bringing Mod In Motion

We all love the chic look of bombshells like Twiggy and Peggy Moffitt who were the faces of the mod fashion movement of the 1960s. Today's Fashionista is bringing back this nostalgic style with a fresh twist. The Fashionista is wearing Prada 'Baroque' Round Sunglasses, a black and white striped cropped top, crimson maxi skirt and combat boots with bright and bold jewels.

Round-framed sunglasses have fortunately emerged back into the fashion scene and have all who don them looking unique. The Fashionista opts for black frames that look oh-so-retro with her short, blonde bob cut. She wears the cropped top very well, not overdoing it with too much midriff exposure but shows just enough to get the intended attention. The top has a feminine cutout in the back, which flatters her well.

As you may have seen, many have unsuccessfully worn cropped tops and I believe it’s because proportions were not accounted for. Since the Fashionista’s top is short and tight; she pairs it with a loosely draped maxi skirt that hits her waist perfectly without looking too short or dragging on the floor. Her silhouette looks long; overall, we can tell she’s comfortable. Need I mention the color or was that the first thing you noticed as I did? This rich, red tone is powerful, deep and a perfect color for fall. The combination of red, black and white is so prominent in the daring styles of the ‘60s mod girl.

As a much needed contemporary trade out, I'm glad she switched out the white, patent leather go-go boots for black combat boots to bring this ensemble back to this decade. Her jewels were unexpected to the outfit itself and that’s what I love to see. As mentioned in previous articles, I love when a Fashionista has a signature jewelry package. No matter what clothing she wears, the jewels take a life of their own and become tied to her, not her outfit.

Turquoise, the color representing communication, brightens up her bad girl outfit. There is a flowing theme of turquoise as we trace down to her bracelets as well. It’s clear that turning mod into a thing of modern day fashion came easily for this week’s Fashionista as she effortlessly brought back this iconic style.

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