Although I believe that black is just as strong a hue as brown, I must say that I tend to have a preference for the latter. For one, it can come in multiple shades from a light caramel to a rich dark chocolate. Secondly, I find that it offers a warmer complement with more colors than black does. But don’t get me wrong; I don’t think you can ever go wrong with an all black ensemble, a pair of black skinny jeans or black flats.

Today’s Fashionista demonstrates a great use of the various shades of brown and how they can be put together in one outfit. On the spectrum of dark to light brown, her sandals fall on the light end, while her braided belt lies more in the middle and her bag, the darkest brown of her accessories. Instead of all of these shades clashing, they work together and complement her navy high-low dress. Even though there are some rules out there that say pairing different neutrals together is a fashion no-no, I couldn’t disagree more. Navy and brown are by far one of my favorite color combinations.

Accenting your outfit with shades of brown, or even just a single shade is a foolproof way to stay looking classy and stylish. It’s actually difficult to think of a color that you can’t accent with brown. A skinny brown belt would be great for any skirt or dress you have, no matter what color. Whether it’s neon pink or a black. Brown is a trustworthy color to choose as the supporting role. In terms of shoes, it’s clearly a wonderful choice for boots in the fall. Although this season, a burgundy bootie might be a good alternative to the classic brown riding boot.

Whether you have a pair of jeans that are too loose, a dress that needs to be cinched, or a skirt and blouse combo that need something to tie them together, a brown belt in any shade will work. If you are shopping for a new school satchel and want a color that will go with everything in your closet, a medium shade of brown would be a great choice. If you need to replace your old boots for a new pair, a light to medium shade of the neutral hue will look good with almost any dress and tights pairing, or jeans and a comfy sweater. The bottom line is that brown is a dependable color that is the perfect accent for many of your favorite pieces.

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