The color brown has been an intricate part of fashion trends this fall. Not only does it match the fall foliage, but brown is also a subtle hue that is a lot warmer and more forgiving than black, its sister on the chic-color spectrum.

I found this Fashionista on her way to a coffee date with a new potential suitor at Starbucks by Gelman Library. Her brown leather Frye boots accentuated her legs, and played off of her Sanctuary shearling vest, making her outfit incredibly cohesive. The best part about her leather boots and vest is that they effortlessly dress up her outfit. Underneath, she wore a simple pair of David Lerner leggings and a grey long-sleeve t-shirt by Three Dots, which she claimed were so incredibly comfortable. Lastly, she polished her look off with a pair of tourtiouse shell sunglasses by Michael Kors that perfectly framed her face.

Although I love the black-on-black look, this Fashionista proves that it is possible to do create a triple threat with an alternative color as well. Particularly for day time, all brown can be extremely trendy. As long as you wear other pieces in neutral tones to balance out the ensemble, you are good to go.

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