I have a longstanding vendetta against hot pink. The coruscating color does nothing more than remind me of my childhood calamities: the Barbie jeep I crashed into my garage, the gum in my hair that led to my first bob, or the Limited Too pleather pants that became my first fashion faux-pas. Thus, with recent runways radiating with the life of this hue, what is a traumatized girl like me to do?

Luckily, I was able to find a Fashionista to revive me from my horrors of years past. Wearing a hot pink fitted blazer over a black canvas, she defends the color’s role as an adult attribution. By pairing the color with sleek and streamlined accompaniments, she provides a sophisticated allure to the haphazard innocence of the hue.  Black skinny pants and form-fitting black tank outline this Fashionista’s figure, while black heels complete the outfit with cosmopolitan finesse.

As evidenced by this Fashionista, the elixir to wearing hot pink is choosing structured pieces that redress the color’s jejune connotations for tailored poise. In a timeless style, this button-down is conducive to both day and night when paired with skinny pants and streamlined shoes. Demurely flirtatious, this strapless number is entirely becoming for early-evening cocktails or a spring wedding.  Yet perhaps the hot pink item for which I most lust is this Marc Jacobs two-tone jumpsuit. Sleek and tailored, this piece is the utopian combination of vivacious intrepidity and mysterious coy. 

In spirit of the upcoming spring season, take a cue from this Fashionista and supplement your wardrobe with an effulgent piece of this bubble-gum hue, it will be a trend you are sure to stick to.


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