Dressing yourself from head-to-toe was taken a statement taken quite seriously for the students at Oregon this winter. The desire to stay warm and still look fashionable was a look achieved with chic headwear. Hats are topping off all over college campuses and the runways. The wide array of headwear for this season includes wide-brimmed hats, beret, fedora, and the bucket hat. Bucket hats have been a staple in my life since my childhood.

I was forced to wear a bucket hat for sun protection, but as a more mature Fashionista, I embrace its sophistication. Although many people refer to bucket hats as fishing hats, the bucket hats on the runway this year are reflecting a more elegant and feminine design. It is a chic accessory and a stylish way to play up a simpler ensemble. This Fashionista shows off her bucket hat in a unique and trendy way, which helps transform her outfit into a more upscale and high fashion look. The wool with gathered fabric is a classic look for a day of classes and its gray tone compliments the rest of the outfit.

My best advice is to be daring with hats. When paired with clothes of the right color tone and choosing a classic design, such as the hats I mentioned above, it is hard to go wrong with headwear. Paired with a peacoat, menswear, or a cute sundress, any of these hats will make an ordinary outfit into a bold and fashionable statement.

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