Boston turns gray in the winter. The sky, the sidewalks – even the buildings that might be different colors fade to an eerie gray that slowly gets worse and worse, especially when the snow comes. Because of this it's so welcoming when you turn the corner and see someone rocking even a little color. And although this Fashionista is rocking a gray look, she adds a hint of color with her scarf, her backpack, and her umbrella.

This small addition of color turns an ordinary outfit into something fashionable. You can add your own color by adding items such as these:

  • Scarf: Nordstroms: A scarf can keep you warm but also show off personal style choices. 
  • Earings: Urban Outfitters: Earnings show a surprise burst of color because they aren't always able to be seen. 
  • Backpack: American Apparel (this comes in so many colors!)
  • Umbrella: Marc by Marc Jacobs: You can buy these at the great Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Newbury Street! 

Another two trends that this Fashionista adds to her outfit are her cowboy boots – talked about last week – and a poncho-style jacket. This style allows her to keep warm and look fashionable at the same time. This Fashionista is ready for the rain, the wind and my camera.

Hint: Boston University students – don't let the cold and the rain prohibit you from shining! Buy a beautiful umbrella or a nice scarf to keep you warm, but also make you stand out! The semester is slowly coming to a close, and we need to keep showing the world how fashionable Boston can be!

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