STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Caffeine, Faux Fur and Everything In-Between!

Midterms are a cruel beast, but they should never dampen a Fashionista’s fun. I spotted this stylish student exiting the Lehmann library. Nonchalantly clutching her laptop, Moleskine planner and phone, she appeared unfazed by the flurry of exams that lies before us.

While temperatures have turned chillier, the sun still shines with a bit of post-summer pizzazz. This student, however ensconced in her schoolwork, manages to negotiate the New York forecast. She dresses down a summery, bold-printed Kensie dress with a faux-fur trimmed vintage Levi’s denim jacket. She is clearly well versed in the art of layering: the base of her outfit, the Kensie dress, is the perfect template for layering. Her leggings dress the satiny fabric down, and her jean jacket adds an interesting facet to the look. While jean jackets, especially light wash ones, are commonly associated with the summertime, the faux fur collar forces the garment forward into fall.

While her leggings and Levi’s jacket deem the outfit more class-casual, her accessories add an essence of sophistication. Each of the necklaces was purchased from a different vintage shop, yet together they appear perfectly paired. Just as jewelry adds an essential glimmer to any ensemble, ankle boots accomplish the opposite. Her Boutique 9 booties harden her overall look, and reinforce the vintage-inspired panache of her look.

No Fashionista truly wants to appear disheveled or haphazard, no matter the circumstances. Midterms are no excuse to downplay your sartorial talents! Instead of reverting to sweatpants, and curling back into your oh-so-comfortable bed, inject some oomph into your look. Caffeinate your brain and your wardrobe! Mixing your favorite summer dress with a unique jacket can give you the polished, yet chaotic appearance all at the same time.

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