STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Call Your Grandmother, Crochet Is So In!

Crochet clothing pieces were discoverd during 19th century and have had big periods of up and downs. Recently, after a long period of being considerated “cocky,” crochet was seen on the 2011 fall fashion runaway. After the crochet's combe back, many models, actresses and even Kate Mideton have been spotted wearing pieces made from the material. The interesting thing about the pieces made by a hook and line (most commonly yarn or thread) is that they can be really diverse, from granny squares to really complicated pieces. They are sold in different stores from top famous fashion designers too second hand clothing stores.  

There is also a really good advantage of having crochet as an “it” item; since it is really easy to make, you can do it yourself and you can even take it up as a hobby. There are many sites that teach you how to crochet like the beginners crochet or even YouTube videos. But if you don't have time to do it yourself or don't have the money to buy it, call your grandmother (or a friend's grandma). This Fashionista believes that grandmothers have the culture of doing crochet and they can be considered much better designers than many out there. She believes in such a way in this fact, that she even wears clothing pieces her grandmother made to classes.

The blouse is a nanny white squared shirt, which she copied from a international magazine editorial piece, mixed with jeans. The shirt gives her look an upgrade since it is mixed with simple pieces, taking her common look to a nice stylish one appropriate for classes.The shirt can also be mixed with different tops and styles for different occassions. For example, you can mix it with a black shirt and go to a fancy dinner with your boyfriend. Not satisfiend with one, this Fashionista asked her grandmother to make one more in red so she could combine it with her black skirt and wear it to night clubs.

Many pieces can be made out of crochet like purses, hats, skirts, pants and so on (good examples are in Vogue Knitting). So if you don't have a crochet piece, call your grandma or find it in almost any store!

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