STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Camels-Not Just for the Desert

In the desert, you are exposed to sand, excruciating heat from the blazing sun, and camels. Today, we are talking about a different kind of camel though: a camel coat. This Fashionisto was spotted on a rainy street corner, not exactly what you would call a sandy, heated area. Usually, you’d see students rushing to class in the rain with their raincoats, rubber boots, hats and hoodies. As you can see, he did just the opposite! With the camel coat, he paired it up with some casual light wash jeans, some white Lacoste shoes, and black leather gloves—making it a stylish yet simplistic combination.

Neutral colors are still making their way through these Chicago streets. Soon, as the warmer weather hits us, there will be new bursts of bright colors to welcome the new '70s inspired fashion. Every once in a while I’m able to spot those colors, but for now, everyone is just trying to finish up their winter fashions before we move on. As I have said before in other posts, neutral colors are just so great; you are able to pair them up with a lot of different combinations of garments, and especially with accessories. Not only is this Fashionisto wearing a camel coat, but he is wearing a detailed camel coat. If you look at it from head-to-toe, you can see that the collar stands straight up at the top, with buttons trailing all the way down to the bottom of the coat. Along with that, there are pockets on each side of the hip, then a little pocket on the chest. Overall, a well-constructed and detailed camel coat is a sight for sore eyes.

A designer I bring up a lot, Michael Kors, is a great example for this post. Kors is amazing when it comes to neutral, simplistic, coats. One of the pieces he is most well-known for would be his camel coat he does every year, with the gold buttons and detailed pockets. So for now, depending on where you live, if it’s still cold out, make sure to wear all your neutrals before it is time to bring out those bright colors. This includes sweaters, turtlenecks, pants, and those camel coats. Remember that neutral colors, like camel, can be matched with almost anything! Go out there and rock the streets, Chicago, with all those camels and browns and other neutrals. Before you know it, we will be able to show our artistic sides when the warm weather makes its way to us.

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