As the weather gets warmer, Fashionistas opt for lighter layers. A crop top is the perfect remedy. This piece can be paired with almost anything and has rendered boxier and flowy cuts. This week's Fashionista casually paired a lace crop top with jeans and sandals.

There are multiple ways to style a crop top. You can show full naval, a peep or nothing at all. This Fashionista chose to bare a section of skin above the waist and place a skin toned bandeau under the lace top. A daring alternative is to pair a crop top with high-waisted shorts or a skirt, like superstar Rihanna at Coachella or Oscar de la Renta's twitter sensation @OscarPRGirl.

This Fashionista not only makes a statement with her crop top, but with the undergarment as well. The see through lace allows for an immense amount of creativity. Alongside the crop top trend has emerged bandeaus. Neon, pastel, neutral, floral and other prints are only some of the options to pair with these tops. I love this affordable lace, neon green bandeaus from Buckle. This would look fabulous under a sheer black crop top. The multitude of prints and color in both bandeau and crop tops contribute the boldness and quirkiness of an ensemble.

To complete this ensemble, a great addition is a pair of sandals. These multi-colored ones from ALDO add additional color to the look. In juxtaposition, a neutral colored pair is an excellent way to balance out the different elements of the outfit.

The crop top has proven itself to be a statement piece that should be included in everyone’s wardrobe. This piece can be proportionally mixed into ensembles and colored to perfection.  Remember, it’s all about experimentation.

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