STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Candy Coat Your Wardrobe

While it seems like these days are spent either walking through lakes of melted snow or trekking across mountains of ice, BU is buzzing with the excitement of spring break and the idea of hopefully escaping to the sun for a week. In anticipation of next week, I’ve noticed Fashionistas around campus incorporating more bright colors into their winter gear, bringing the spring break vibe to campus. Even those of us (myself included) living in blacks and neutrals can appreciate the cheeriness that a pop of candy-colored pieces can bring to a dreary day.

This week’s Fashionista added style to her outfit with her bold boot combination. Rather than wear basic neutral rain boots, she decided on a pair of super saturated teal ones. She continued to have fun with color by letting her hot pink boot liners show. Her black coat and floral scarf kept the outfit playful and bright, rather than childish.  

These bright, saturated colors were a hit during the spring shows, and can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe. The first rule to mixing standout shades is to make sure the hues are highly saturated. This will keep the look modern and chic, rather than childlike and mismatched. To emulate our Fashionista’s style, get a pair of colorful Hunter rain boots and style them with contrasting boot liners. Or, try donning a pair of teal high-waisted shorts and a lemon yellow belt for a fun and fashionable outfit. You can also mix a pink blouse with Cardigan’s yellow eloise cardigan for an additional way to wear the look. The best part about this style is being able to mix any colors you want. You just have to keep it simple and fun!

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