There's no need to explain why I choose to capture today's Fashionista. Her cape speaks for itself giving off a dramatic appeal to her look. Capes are really an item that could be found in diverse styles this winter. This week's Fashionista defines her style using a cape in a very distinct way.

Her cape has a religious feel, almost resembling a scene from an old Medieval Europe movie. The source of this religious feeling comes from the the accessories of the cape itself: big collar and the wide flat bands hanging down from beneath the collar. Those flat bands easily raise her style to another level, by using it as a man’s tie or making it a bow tie. Her patent-leather shoes play the role of a regulator, making her outfit look not too dull. Her witty bag releases the tension of her outfit and makes onlookers know she is really all about fun. 

This Fashionista follows the rule of winter fashion: to accessorise up. We could learn from her not only the way she balances what she wears, but also how to choose the right accessories to accomplish a fashion forward outfit. 

Hint: Try this lovely red cape from Stevenalan or this military one from Topshop

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