Although I miss the carefree days of summer and wearing sun dresses and shorts, it's that time of year again where many of us are wrapped in scarves and cardigans. Cardigans and fleece jackets are important parts of a college student's wardrobe and this is because your classes may be in all opposite ends of a building, which means lots of running around while still trying to remain stylish. This look is simple and easy to attain which means any college student on a budget can update their look with a simple cardigan.

Today's Fashionista kept warm in a fashionable way by sporting a fleece cardigan-like jacket. She fiinished her look by adding a bold striped shirt and a pair of flats. Cardigans come in all different colors and styles which means that they basically go with any outfit. Instead of wearing a striped shirt why not try a cardigan like this one that is striped instead.

I also love this style because instead of it being a solid color it has a little bit of a sparkly touch to it. I also love a good graphic tee which looks really fashion forward when paired with a skirt and a cardigan as well. 

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