STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Casual by the Chrysler

The constant sound of the beeping horns, the decadent illumination of headlights and business signs, the loud business man on his Blackberry crossing the street next to a group of friends heading for an afternoon drink (all visible from my room, might I add). All these sights and sounds are just a reminder that I really am here in New York. Living in an area surrounded by young people trying to find their way in the city also means that there is no such thing as unfashionable. Even on a casual afternoon, there is sure to be eye-catching style in every direction you look.

This Fashionista pulls off the perfect sophisticated casual look while dressing with pieces that ensure she won’t overheat in this early summer humidity. The main feature of her outfit is a cream-colored chiffon blouse with an identically-hued cardigan over top. The boyfriend fit of the shirt and the super-light airiness of the fabric mixed with the classic color make this an elegant choice for an easygoing stroll down through the streets. To compliment the fit and the color of her top, she opts for a simple black mini skirt and black gladiator sandals. She ties together the entire ensemble with a super-chic Marc Jacobs handbag that really ups the sophistication factor, because if there is one thing I have learned since being here, it is all about the merchandise, baby.

This season is showing an overwhelming trend of light, loose-fitting tops paired with shorts and mini skirts. And if you’re feeling like going more bold, try this floral kimono top from Zara.

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