I know that more than once I, along with my fellow Fashionistas, have lamented the ease with which guys can put together an outfit. While we ladies could spend hours mulling over which wedges best complement our floral blouse, it seems as though all the boys have to do is throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and they’re good to go. However, it is usually the guys who get a little more creative with their wardrobe that catch my eye. By investing in a few stylish pieces each season, putting together an outfit is as simple as simply mixing and matching some key pieces. Getting ready remains a cinch, but the end result is a much more well thought-out and stylish look.

This Fashionisto epitomizes cool, casual and comfortable in jeans, a flannel button-down and an army-green bomber jacket. The layered look is perfect for this time of year, both in terms of looks and comfort.

Flannel is huge this season for both men and women. Guys can keep it buttoned-up like this Fashionisto, or leave it open to showcase a cool graphic T-shirt underneath. The classic pattern looks great in tons of colors and ups the cool factor for jeans and a T-shirt. This Fashionisto chose a pair of gray Converse All-Stars to keep with the cool, casual vibe of the outfit. Top off the look with a military-inspired jacket, like this one from Urban Outfitters, which will be a great addition to any casual outfit this winter. The army-green color is everywhere this seasn and looks great with denim and other neutral colors.

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