I was drawn to this Fashionista by her responsible use of denim. Her light washed chambray shirt is nice contrasted against her dark J Brand jeans. The extreme difference in washes helps avoid the Canadian tuxedo stigma. When it comes to mixing denim the washes must be noticeably different, provided you prefer to look like this week’s Fashionista and not Britney and Justin circa 2001. If you yearn for a particular shade of denim and one piece is just not enough, make sure they are all the exact same wash. As this street chic girl demonstrates, multiple pieces in a light wash with a thin denim fabric can be a smart summery look. The best way to ease into the chambray trend is with a simple button down. J.Crew’s Selvedge is a favorite (yes, Jenna’s too) that can be almost guaranteed as in stock, regardless of the season. For a version with a bit more pizzazz try Posted on Categories FashionTags , , ,

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