STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Charming but Simple Accessories

Accessories! It’s the one thing that I’ve been relentlessly drilling into your innocent little minds. Now I get to showcase exactly why that is. Accessories don't just include jewelry anymore but the combination of other items as well; handbags, shoes, scarves and other intriguing things that are found all around us that can be used to enhance our outlook on our attire.

I’d like to commend today's Fashionista for showing you exactly what I’m trying to portray. She’s is sporting a vintage blouse which reminds me of something I’d probably steal from my father’s closet, white trousers; with pleating details in the front, knee – high boots; a fall favorite of mine, and a messenger bag. I’d have to say the accessories here would be her boots and as many of us have debated her vintage blouse. What I’ve learned be watching and listening to everyone is that accessories come in many forms it’s simply how you use them that makes the impact.

Now I’ve seen countless of items and accessories that I could share with you but that would lead to pages and pages of items. So instead I’m just going to share with you my top five affordable favorite items, from shoes to jewelry, that I’ve seen this fall that I’m sure you’d love because I know I do. First up is the Temple St. Clair collection for Target. You’d be surprised at what this collection has to offer, the jewelry is nicely crafted and yes I admit I did purchase a piece but in my opinion it was worth it. Next are these desert inspired boots from Forever 21, another fall fashion that I’ve seen on and off the runway. Aside from that I never thought I’d see lace in the fall season but once again fashion has proven me wrong, number three is this lace ruffled skirt from Express. As the leaves chain in fall so does my nail color. NARS has given me that perfect shade that resembles the autumn leaves. And finally I just couldn’t leave a good pair of leggings behind. Provided by BCBG Max Azria the contrast in these leggings will give me that edgy look this fall.

If you’ve gotten to this final sentence congratulations you’ve endured my incessant babbling and I hope you enjoyed these accessories as much as I have.

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