With crunchy leaves underfoot and snowy sidewalks slipping back into our shopping cart selections, the perfect shoe is a crucial item on every campus. Particularly in the men’s department, it has become increasingly difficult to come by a seasonal shoe that does not substitute aesthetic appeal for comfort and durability. However, follow in this Fashionisto’s footsteps this fall with the well-rounded shoe that comes in all shapes and sizes: the chukka boot.

Appropriate for the autumn occasions and remaining reliable throughout the winter months, the chukka boot disguises all of the necessities of a seasonal shoe within a handsome and versatile semblance. Combining practicality and panache, this Fashionisto’s shoe choice covers all the terrain. Subdued enough to comply with classy button-downs, yet rugged enough to complement more casual collections, the chukka boot is a shoe for all seasons and scenes: clubs or class, snow or sun, dinner or dirt.

Completing a classic collegiate look, this Fashionisto finishes off his ensemble with slim-fit denim and a quintessential, button-down. Contrasting warm, leaf-toned leather on bottom with cool-colored cuffs on top, this Fashionisto fixes up for fall in all the right ways. To check out chukka’s as chic as these, fall into Bergdorf Goodman’s and Zappos!

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