Who doesn’t love a little cheetah? Even the fastest glimpse of the speckled fabric makes my heart beat faster, for the pattern is simply so fabulous. This Fashionista’s feline accessory is one that even PETA can love: the cotton H&M scarf is lightweight cotton (and nothing like the real furry deal).

I spotted this speckled peer of mine leaving the Diana Center, soaking up the sunny rays of these first few April days. Her oversized sunglasses from Brooklyn's thrifty  mecca Beacon’s Closet shield her eyes and accentuate the shape of her face. She wears solely dark and earthen tones; her American Apparel stretchy high waisted jeans and gray Urban Outfitters T-shirt are basic yet sartorial all the same.

This Barnard student is fully prepared for a trek through the Sahara or a simple stroll to class in her suede, light brown booties. As I talked with this sunny student, I found that she once lived in Africa, which would explain the African-inspired infusions in her overall appearance. Her wooden, large and disk-shaped earrings tie the look together.

When searching for something inspiring to wear, grab first from your wardrobe essentials. Wear something simple as the backdrop to layer upon, just as this Fashionista has done. Because her jeans and T-shirt are so simple, her loud accessories are able to speak for themselves. Pick a snood in a playful pattern, like this leopard one from NASTY GAL, and voilá! You’re instantly safari chic.


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