Let’s be honest, every Fashionista’s dream is to roll out of bed looking fabulous right? I know I for one am so envious of the celebrities that I see in magazines who look fabulous in just a baseball cap and sweatshirt. Why can’t I be that girl! Anyways, this week, I’ve discovered one way to be confortable and chic at the same time, let me introduce you to the chambray shirt!

The chambray shirt is nothing new, in fact it is a secret that is loved by Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike! Great for all seasons, this is a piece of clothing that is definitely a wardrobe staple, and a versatile one at that! Dress it up or dress it down, this oversized boyshirt can do everything from look extremely feminine to tomboyish too. For a girlier touch, take a hint from this Fashionista who wears her denim chambray shirt dressed up with an elegant flowy shirts and light scarf to keep away the chill. Even though denim button-ups are traditionally for masculine, you can see how easy it is to use this shirt to create a girly outfit too! Owning pieces versatile piece like this top is key!

If you don’t have a chambray already, you’ll definitely want to find one for this season, trust me I could wear this denim shirt everyday in a thousand different ways. To get a look that is similar to this week’s Fashionista, try out a light wash chambray shirt like this ex-boyfriend shirt tucked into this classic flutterfall skirt. Accessorize this look with a pair of boots or a scarf of your choice. Another one of my favorite ways to wear a chambray is with a pair of dark pants. Try this perfect chambray with a pair of skinny black jeans with black boots or flats for an edgier look. Tights and dressers are all the rage this season, but you are definitely going to need a jacket or a chambray so you don’t freeze! Try this chambray shirt unbuttoned over this knit dress with some black patterned tights. One shirt, three ways to wear it! Doesn’t get much better than that! What are you waiting for? Get yourself a chambray shirt and stat!

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