Blue jeans, white t-shirts and red solo cups: timeless creations that will never go out of style. These ingenious inventions are relentlessly reliable and provide us with a canvas for maximum versatility—think casual Fridays or sultry Saturdays, Natty Ice or an Absolut-soda. Just as these items can be adjusted to our moods, settings or needs, so too can the statement piece in this Fashionista’s outfit.

This Fashionista caps off a basic outfit with a black and white graphic print scarf from H&M. In a neutral color combination, the scarf can serve as the encapsulating accompaniment to an outfit that spans any realm of the color wheel. Just as easily can the piece transform an all black outfit into Coco Chanel couture. As evidenced through black-and white photography, the monochromatic nature of the color pairing creates a severe contrast that emphasizes subject matter—thus the scarf would be the perfect accompaniment to highlight a bold red lip or thick-framed glasses.

Additionally, the size of the scarf makes it just as versatile. Spanning approximately three feet across the diagonal and made of a cotton-polyester blend, the accessory can be easily folded or twisted into a thin neck accoutrement, or tied into a sarong for poolside posh. Yet perhaps the best place to wear a scarf such as this? —the airport. The classic colors instantaneously refine your go-to legging and sweater travel outfit, simultaneously serving as a blanket or wrap during the flight; the crowning coalescence of comfort and class.  

Thus, follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and purchase a scarf as versatile as this; timeless and chic, your scarf will become the most practical piece in your wardrobe. Soon you’ll be agreeing with Toby Keith, telling your red solo cup of accessories: “you’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantastic.”

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