Even though it is summertime the weather in London is ever changing, thus demanding you to play with clothes from all seasons. First looking outside today I saw clear skies and the sun, automatically making me think “Finally, warm weather!” However, that immediately changed once I left my house and a brisk wind decided to pick up.

Dressing for this weather can be very challenging, on the other hand it can be a time to be creative. This Fashionista embraced the fact that it actually is summer – just a bit colder. Her floral dress paired with opaque tights is a perfect ensemble. The dark back lay of the floral allows her to wear black with it, while still having that flirty summer vibe with the flowers. I have only ventured to the floral side once or twice, but now with the help of this Fashionista I’m starting to realize how I can make it my own. If you don’t consider yourself girly enough to wear floral, try some of these darker patterns from Nasty Girl to get a taste of the style. One way that helped me learn to love floral was by wearing a dark floral top with dark wash or black jeans. The rest of this Fashionista’s outfit is simple, not taking away from the floral dress. Her simple black cardigan is an ideal piece for when it gets colder it can keep her just that much warmer, but when the sun dares to shine she can easily pop it in her bag. Though her entire outfit is from Korea online stores such as and Urban Outfitters are ideal for a lightweight cardigan and a fun floral dress as well. This Fashionista was also spotted with an equally stylish friend, using layers to help her stay comfortable in this unpredictable weather.

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