The weather outside is frightful but your clothing certainly doesn’t have to be. For many, dressing for this season means piling on the warmest sweatshirts and sweatpants – layer upon layer. For others, it means throwing on a little red dress for the biggest holiday parties on campus. These next few weeks should definitely involve the coziest sweaters and fun, festive tops but a true Fashionista/o can combine all of the above while expressing individual style.

This Fashionisto shows off his festivity without those ugly Christmas sweaters that you wore for family photos. With a camouflage jacket and a red sweater he merges military and comfort for the perfect holiday ensemble. He manages to incorporate the two celebrated colors of Christmas, red and green, through a subtle combination of the two. In fact, it looks unintentional, as he avoids over the top items and overly enthusiastic flairs. By pairing the jacket with some distressed jeans and duck boots, he maintains this casual, laid-back look from head to toe.

Hint: The best way to spread holiday cheer, while staying chic, is to stay away from the cutesy items made for this time of year. Sure, everyone loves a good Santa hat but as an everyday accessory, it’s not the most fashionable. Layering subtle hues and ordinary patterns in anything from jackets to scarves, as this Fashionisto does, can show off spirit without going overboard. If you dying to be a little merrier, throw on a pair of holiday socks underneath your boots – they’ll make you feel jolly instantly.

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