The dreary weather here in Georgia is a complete downer. It’s been rainy all week and all I have wanted to do is lie in bed all day and watch old movies! I forced myself to get up and out this weekend. I found this Fashionista while I was on a walk through the outskirts of downtown and loved her chunky sweater. She looks perfect for class and for staying warm in the gloomy weather. Layering has always been a key trend for winter, but wool and thick knits have made a definite appearance on the fall/winter 2011 runway. Etro featured a ton of thick pattered sweaters and layering with big basics. As seen here (definitely glance at looks 10 and 16) chunky knits and layering with wooly materials is super trendy. 

The Fashionista above defines the whole “effortlessly cool” look. With black leggings and a big wool sweater she makes the simple outfit cool with her chunky socks and cool accessories. I love how she paired her brown boots with lighter wool socks and exposed them above the brim of the boots. Along with her cool layering, she also has classic accessories. Her Alexander Wang cross body bag is amazing and the zipper accents are to die for. Along with the bag, her House of Harlow 1969 necklace adds a little extra something to top off the outfit.

If you’re looking to dress like the Fashionista above, it’s simple! Take a pair of thick black leggings and throw a sweater such as this Topshop one over it. Now, under your basic brown boots slip some thick wool socks, such as these Isabel Marant ones, and make sure they stay exposed (pull them up to about right under your knee). Pair this simple winter outfit with a black cross-body bag, like her Alexander Wang one, and grab her House of Harlow 1969 starburst necklace found here at Nordstrom. Put it all together and you have the perfect outfit to survive the rainy days and cool winter weather.

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