STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Clash of the Patterns

When my mother use to dress me, she would always tell me to match something based on the colors; "This would go with this because it has this color in it." Logically, it seems like the right approach; however, most of us know that doesn't always work to our advantage. Not to saying my mother is wrong, sorry mom, but "matchy matchy" is out and a new take on putting outfits together is in.

As I was eating in the Johnson Center, this Fashionista’s outfit immediately captured my attention. With floral punches and a polka dot skirt, this Fashionista can't resist the new take on putting pieces together. Her outfit seemed to look that she just effortlessly went into her closet and put her favorite pieces together. It is a purposeful carelessness that many people want to achieve and this Fashionista sets that goal high. It was a breath of fresh air to see a mix of patterns that many are afraid to attempt. She hits it out of the park by following the advice I mentioned earlier. Although the patterns do not "match," my mother's approach does work on this Fashionista's outfit regarding color. This Fashionista pulls her outfit together by matching the blues in both of the patterns and balancing with neutrals in the rest.

Her fresh sweater is by Marc Jacobs and what looks like a skirt is actually a dress from Urban Outfitters. Although this is not an exact replica of this Fashionista’s outfit, this sweater from Shopbop and these shorts from Shopbop provide the same concept for your budding fashion minds. The color black in both of the pieces brings the otufit together, yet the different patterns will set you apart from the rest.

Try this look by finding similar colors in patterns and just put them together. Remember balance is the key, so if you feel that the patterns may be a little to bright pair them with classic neutrals. And take a leap of faith that even if your outfit doesn’t “match,” it will “go” because your confidence will outshine everything else.

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