Ah! The 4th of July, a day to celebrate America’s independence and our right to expression. This July it’s about doing America right! Pulling off a look inspired by our nation can be done right without overdoing the stars and stripes. Showing patriotism doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself from head to toe in red, white, and blue but simply use a few colors here and there while taking a classic approach. There’s nothing that say’s I love my country than showing a little bit of patriotism.

In my opinion I recommend you never fully dress yourself in full-on red, white and blue especially when they include stars and stripes. I suggest leaving those to the Olympic athletes. This casual look doesn’t scream at you but still shows some devotion. Clothed in a basic V-neck top and black ruffled skirt, our Fashionista decided to spice things up with a fedora, strapped sandals and a blue handbag.

The ensemble shows the American style, classic, causal, and comfort. The key to dressing in an American fashion is to look classic and modern. You don’t want things to be too overdone this July. But if you want a more patriotic look try wearing a basic T-shirt, top, or blouse that represents America, like one that has the American flag qualities and dress it up with something denim. Now that’s a real classic American look.

Just remember along with this celebration comes fireworks, barbecues and maybe a few other extra treats! So dress in a fashion where you can fully appreciate our country and what’s been given to use, dress to express.

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