Male students have always seemed to dress down here in Iowa City no matter what the occasion. Sweatpants and bar crawl tees are typical attire in the lecture halls. While the University of Iowa may not be NYU or Parsons, where the campus itself is a fashion capital, every once in a while you see someone who seems to be doing something right. 

Today's Fashionisto is sporting a classic-athletic look. Dark rinse boot cut jeans, Nike Shox, a black North Face zip-up, and a classic Burberry scarf make up the casual and sleek look. In comparison to the every day fashion of gray sweats and a black hoodie, today's look is classic yet still effortless. Building off of signature Burberry camel, black, white, and red, the look revolves around a simple color palette that keeps everything looking uniform. The Nike sneakers add an athletic accent to the ensemble. A cardigan substituting the jacket or a pair of oxfords instead of sneakers would make the look a bit more formal. 

Denim jeans are a fashion staple that may never go out of style. Knowing that this spring will call for lots and lots of denim, it's important for men to know what type are best. Abercrombie & Fitch has always been one of my favorite places for mens' jeans, and they're much more affordable than a pair of True Religions. 

Hint: When creating a new look, pick a focal point piece, such as a scarf, bulky necklace, or colorful shoes. Build your outfit around that item, keeping in mind a similar color scheme. Voila, you've created the perfect ensemble.

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