Who would have thought that something so classic would become trendy again? The classic button up shirt has become the go-to for fall, but this time it comes in more colors and patterns than just plain white. This Fashionista wears an oversized Elizabeth and James navy pin-striped shirt with a pair of black rolled up pants and chic flats. But it doesn’t stop there. The shirt is not fitted but oversized, perfect for a casual day around the city, class, or even work. J.crew makes the best preppy but cool blouses that would suit the likes of Alexa Chung or the Olsen twins. As the 70s and 80s style make a comeback yet again it’s no wonder that the collared button up would see a new life as well. With shoulder cut outs, made out of jean, or tied in a knot at the bottom, designed for any occasion from the party to the office the possibilities for the shirt are endless.

Putting a little spin on a classic like the button up whether it’s a new color or shape is exactly what makes it timeless and ageless. Make sure for this upcoming school year to do yourself a favor and buy at least the truly classic, white, crisp button up.

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