August has only just begun, yet it seems like every store on Newbury is getting their new fall collections in. I don’t know whether to be sad that there is only one month of summer left or to be excited to begin getting my fall wardrobe together. Either way school is coming, and some brainstorming is in order.

When it comes to end of summer apparel, I think this week’s Fashionista takes the cake. Her white linen pants and sheer black top create a sophisticated look that perfectly mixes a summer look with touche for the approaching fall. Her outfit is edgy, yet her dangly earrings and embellished ballet flats make it classy too. It’s those little touches that really make the difference!

In the mood to dress to impress like this week’s Fashionista? Emulate her classic feel with a sheer button-up. When the humidity is against you, try a sleeveless blouse for a cooler option. Once you have found your perfect top, mix it with a light pair of trousers like these pants from J.Crew. For a finishing touch add some jewelry! A pair of earrings like these agate drop earrings or this Fashionista’s chandelier earrings are sure to do the trick! A true Fashionista/o knows how important it is to keep it classy! Add some classy touches to your look this week for chic feel, perfect for any occasion.

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