Different colors and patterns are great ways to make certain elements of an outfit pop, but those are not the only ways to turn drab to dimensional. Cuts and hemlines can play a significant role in any outfit. This CollegeFashionista shows us how an asymmetrical hem can be both flattering and fun, turning a tunic, cardigan and leggings into an eye-catching ensemble.

This Fashionista kept a relatively simple color palette, though the tunic was a strikingly attractive array of hues, and the real variance stemmed from the bottom hem, slouching from hip to mid-thigh.

To get a look similar to this Fashionista’s, pair a tunic with an unconventional cut, like the Songbird Flutter Tunic or Striped Dancer Tunic from Anthropologie with black leggings. To add more multiplicity to the outfit, try patterned or leather leggings. Additionally, for a daytime look, throw on a pair of boots or flats. For a night out, this ensemble could easily be combined with heels and a pair of statement earrings like these In Rome earrings from Anthropologie.

Take a different approach to diversifying an outfit. Instead of focusing on just tinges, tones and tints, try to find pieces with an interesting neckline or hemline. These pieces are versatile, easy to wear during the day or out at night, and can be layered when it is colder or worn alone in the warmer months. Most importantly they are flattering on any body type and add something extra to an outfit.

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