Alright.  Truth be told…when I first started reading about clogs coming back for the spring season, I thought, “Uh oh…”.  The mental image was not pretty.  I immediately dismissed the idea and filed that trend under, “Def-o not for me”.


I’m slowly starting to change my mind.  I’m starting to see so many cute variations of clogs that are fabulous evolutions of their ancestors.  And, best of all…the style translates really well into platforms…my FAVE.  The pair Miss Alexa Chung sports on the March 2010 cover of UK Vogue was super convincing…

…And so was this chickadee that I caught on Portobello this past weekend.  At first, her whole outfit caught my eye.  She just looked cool to me.  I don’t know how else to say it.  I always envy those girls that look so undone…yet done.  When I took a closer look at what she had on, I spotted her wooden clogs!  I was so shocked that they weren’t the first things I noticed.  I honestly thought when I saw this trend in action…and off the pages of the glossies…that I would get a bit scared or nervous or something.  But again, I’m starting to warm up to the idea.

The jury’s somewhat still out…but I’m leaning toward the pro-clog camp.  Let’s take a vote!  Would love to hear your thoughts – give the comment area a go!  Fashion democracy.

Need more support on the issue? The Clog Party Candidates: Kurt Geiger and Elizabeth and James

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