I always thought that I was meant to live some place warm, especially when the thermometer dips down to 30 degrees here in the chilly city of Chicago. These low temperatures that are becoming even more frequent on my weather app, call for desperate measures when it comes to dressing for the day—finding the perfect balance between looking stylish and not frumpy with all of your layers. Lucky for me, I spotted a Fashionista who dons this look flawlessly.

My eye was instantly caught by the brilliance of the blue hue of this Fashionista’s coat, which I noticed resembled one in the most recent Comme Des Garҫons collection. The amber reddish color of her hair complements the coat beautifully. As for the rest of her outfit, she looks put together and chic in her black high-waisted trousers, unique swan printed chiffon top, complete with a white chunky stone necklace and taupe peep toes with a chain accent. This ensemble is chic and a great daytime look that can be easily transformed into nighttime. Sometimes, the best type of looks blossom from your daytime outfit and I think it’s safe to say that this fits the bill.

To get a versatile, yet eye-catching look, make sure you utilize those items in your wardrobe that are easily mixed and matched with other pieces. Then, choose one or two things that really give your outfit that extra punch, much like this Fashionista did with this saturated cobalt coat and swan chiffon shirt. For starters, follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and try out a pair of simple and undoubtedly fashionable black trousers or change it up with a great black skirt—try playing around with different silhouettes from a pencil to an A-line to maybe even a peplum. Next, find that top that counteracts your simply-colored bottoms and pair it with some accessories, funky or classic, depending on what type of look you are going for. Finally, don’t forget about your jacket! Having that perfect jacket is just as important as what is underneath during the colder months and after all, this Fashionista’s jacket is what caught my eye in the first place!

If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of the chilly weather, then brush away your cold weather blues with a great layered outfit and of course, don’t forget about the outerwear—the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside this week!

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