STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cold Weather Corduroy

With the thick of the winter finally upon us, blocking out the blustery cold tends to take precedence over style. However, some textiles have proven to be perfectly toasty this season. Make room in your winter wardrobe for the slacks best suited for snow: the corduroy pant. 

Taking on the frigid temperatures in full force, this Fashionisto’s flannel and corduroy combination maintains casual comfort without committing chaotic clutter and bulk. With careful selection of fabric and close attention to color, this Fashionisto combines this season’s coziest cloths to keep him warm in a way that is not only classic, but also coordinated. Giving weight to accent colors, this Fashionisto pairs a brick red pattern with stone gray cords and chocolate leather boots, coordinating the subtle lines of plaid with bolder, solid pieces. 

Casual enough for collegiate circumstances and subtle enough to pass for slacks, the corduroy pant will work with any and every accessory and occasion. Whether paired with a classic blue blazer and button down or relaxed flannel, the corduroy pant remains a versatile garment for the most grueling of winters. 

To catch up on the corduroy trend as effortlessly as this Fashionisto, check out J.Crew and

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