TREND: Color can Change it

Seasons are changing fast these days. Last week we had a freak week of warm weather, and people were taking advantage of it, as a final go with shorts without tights and short sleeved shirts. This week’s Fashionista was not different. Sporting a white cropped button down blouse, amber high-waisted shorts, sheer black tights, and Topshop peep-toed booties.

The thing I liked about this outfit is its effortless execution. To start, something that really gives this outfit it’s eye-catching factor is the white cropped button down shirt. Button down shirts are an essential in every Fashionista/Fashionisto’s closet. The timelessness of this article of clothing is undeniable and can have the ability to change from corporate to contemporary in the snap of a finger. The high-waisted shorts are the game changer in this outfit choice. If they were not worn, this would look like a normal outfit. The satin shorts dress up this outfit. Any color would have sufficed, although the amber color really pops and makes the viewer do a double take. Throwing on sheer black tights always adds the needed punch to this fashionisto’s attire. Lastly, booties are a very hot item this season, everywhere you look people are wearing booties. This Fashionista wearing her black top shop booties is no different. Platform shoes give the legs the illusion of longer, slimmer legs.

Hint: If you are in need for a quality button-down shirt this one would work great with any outfit, to pull off the aforementioned outfit, these wedged booties could do the trick. To top off the look, grab a bag such as this to pull everything together.

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