It’s almost become a known rule: Only in the summer you can wear bright colors and in the winter you wear dark. Almost like a divide to match the weather. Normally when the temperatures go down the fall/winter palette concurs of heavy charcoals and neutrals displayed on wool garments and outerwear. Fortunately in Los Angeles snow days and blizzards are things we specifically get to see while watching Home Alone or Charlie Brown. Although we get to enjoy the crispy air essentials like gloves, beanies, and especially scarves. The scarf is the accessory for all seasons because it’s the perfect layering piece, statement piece, and when needed something to give you warmth. You don’t always have to go with chunky knits or braided wools to feel in style. This Fashionista stunned the courtyard with her lilac silk scarf, electric blue print dress, and patterned TOMS. She looks on the go with pieces that are meant to be easy but still full of personality. T

he whole ensemble is matched with a stripe bag, silver jewelry, and a long length back cardigan, which even could totally be remixed with a denim jacket. When finding a new color maybe go beyond camel, gray, and black. With a variety in addition with textures you can’t go wrong. Go for an evergreen ruffle paired with a gold foil dress. With this wrap around style it has a romantic foliage touch. This creamy harvest yellow is handmade and has an organic sincerity underlining. With a khaki trench coat go for a cherry candy. It’s flirty and when made with soft to touch fish net it’s almost too easy. A two toned blue looks cool and preppy pair with your favorite trouser outfit.

There are tons to choose from it’ll be a no brainer. Strut outside with your holiday’s best and go for some colorful coverage.

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