While I am keen to dashes of color on black and neutral palettes, I am always excited when I see a full on color splash in a wardrobe, especially when pulled off right. Color can brighten anyone's day, starting with the Fashionista wearing it. It emits confidence, light, and beauty. Plus, peacocking is always a great way to turn some heads. What I'm loving about my Fahshionista's look is her floral skirt matched with her array of layered tops. The brightness really compliments her beautiful skin tone.  I am also a fan of using your bra as your accessory (done tastefully, of course!)  Women are in a new era of how we can flaunt different fashions and for once we don't have to be paranoid about our bra showing or ruining an outfit. We can finally flaunt what we got! 

This style can go many different ways, but always be aware of your color wheel. Red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple, are all compliments. They are the easiest way to catch people's eyes, sometimes for the right reason, but othertimes for the wrong. So be cautious of how your color palette is saturated. Since my Fashionista used a lighter, pastel purple, her yellow works very well with it. Red and green can also go nicely (and non-Christmasy) together if you work with the fades right (one lighter, while the other bolder). I think if you put this Free People floral bra, this see-through American Apparel racerback tank, and Express' green high-waisted green skirt (on sale!) together you can have a similar, summer-happy, sexy look for under $100!


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