Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, spring is on its way. Spring 2011 Fashion Week brought glimpses of a colorful, vibrant spring season to come. A noteworthy trend throughout this season’s biggest seven days was a neutrally toned outfit garnished with a boldly colored bag. Maybe designers and Fashionistas/os are making up for a colder than average winter, but bright, popping colors are getting their fair share of attention.

I couldn’t help but oggle at this Fashionista’s soft, electric purple shoulder bag. While waiting to get a seat at Bloomington’s favorite breakfast joint, the color was taking up enough of my periphery that I knew I had to turn my head to get the full effect. With the addition of the bag, this outfit instantly attains a level of quirkiness and personality that only a fantastically purple bag can. Like most wonderful finds, of course, this one was redeemed from my best friend, Goodwill. She has no idea who it’s made by and, frankly, doesn’t seem to care. Well, neither do I.

Hint: It’s a safe call that most of us don’t have a closet brimming with purple. I’ll be the first to admit that purple isn’t my go-to color, but I do have several purple garments that I know have made my clothing collection a force to reckoned with. Love her bag? This Mulberry find is a stunner if you have the funds. Forever 21 is a great option for those of us on a never ending budget.


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