Colored denim and pants are most likely one of the biggest trends happening currently. Any onlooker will see a sea of colored jeans amongst them and can’t help but want to give into the temptation of brightly colored pants. What’s so great about this particular trend is that both Fashionista's and Fashionisto's can participate in it. Whether bright or muted, colored denim is a fantastic way to brighten up any winter ensemble. Easy to dress, colored denim is a must in any wardrobe.

Although I typically notice Fashionista's sporting the trend, this week I ran into a Fashionisto that was executing it flawlessly. Interestingly enough, from afar they may be mistaken as denim, but with a closer eye one notices they are corduroy. I loved the idea of colored cords; adding a different texture to an outfit is always a great thing. This week’s Fashionisto shows off a simple, yet unique winter outfit. His brown leather jacket does a great job of accenting the distressed rouge cords. He pairs it with a winter printed sweater and a simple gray scarf. His black boots and a simple hat complete the outfit impeccably, and is a great way to showcase his colored pants. Adding different colors and textures to a colored denim look adds a cozy, wintry vibe.

For the Fashionisto, this particular jean is a great entry-level color to break into the trend. The color isn’t too bold but still is a great color to create a unique ensemble. For those Fashionista's that are looking for the perfect pair, Joe’s Jeans have an incredible assortment of any color ever imaginable. Joe’s Jeans are a great brand as well, although they may run a bit on the small side. Wondering what to pair colored denim with? The possibilities are limitless, so pair it with a muted top. A camel or beige colored top is a great option for those who may be timid to branch out and try something bold. However, if one is feeling daring, wear an unexpected color to create a color-blocking ensemble. Adding a simple belt or a necklace will always be a shoe-in to complete an outfit.

So whether it’s red or blue, green or yellow, colored denim is here to stay (for now). Embrace the trend and pick and choose your favorite colors. They’re versatile and fun, and can easily be worn in all seasons!

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