STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Colored Shorts For Fashionistos

The trend of the spring season has to be colored bottoms, and for Fashionistas this may be an easy trend to incorporate into their wardrobe. However, for Fashionistos this trend is a little harder to embrace. Pastel colors tend to look girly and less masculine and bright colors come off as too edgy for a Fashionisto with a laid back style. I have some great news though: Fashionistos you are in luck this season when it comes to sprucing up your regular shorts or pants for spring and summer.

Today’s Fashionisto rocked his green shorts paired with a gray T-shirt with tribal print accents. This Fashionisto has the perfect laid back but very stylish look and idea. The colors of his shorts aren’t too pastel or bright so they will go with almost anything in a guy’s wardrobe. He rocks two major trends at once, which gives his outfit the ultimate spring and summer look.

Not only have the traditional denim shorts sort of faded away from the trend charts for Fashionistos, but colored shorts and pants are a fresh addition to any wardrobe and will liven up any outfit.

The key to finding the perfect shade for your colored shorts is looking for a color in between pastel and bright, one that isn’t as loud or bright. Faded red, yellow, blue and green are an ideal shade for those trying out the trend. If you’d like to push the limits go for the pastels or bright colors and pair it with a neutral T-shirt or masculine tank to balance out the energy of the outfit.

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