STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Colour Yourself Happy

November, it is fair to say, has been rather drab and with such a lack of vitamin D provided almost solely by our good friend Mr. Sun, we must resort to other measures to keep our spirits and endorphins up. Winter has always excited the safe dresser as black on black is finally accepted into our day to day ensembles, yet when this fail safe trend becomes primary we find that style spotting becomes very difficult as all our Fashionista’s have blended into the evening blackness by 4:30 p.m.!

This Fashionista was spotted half way across campus as she sported these fab pair of canary yellow denims. Colour pop is the trend we are of course stressing here. The ensemble as a whole would have worked just fine with a pair of black shorts or a regular denim yet with the addition of the yellow shorts the look stands out from the crowd and brings a smile to our face. This look is easy to achieve and easy on the wallet as last summer’s neon trend can be reinvented with this seasons knits, chunky boots and leather pieces, which this week’s subject demonstrates effortlessly. Yes it may be mixing trends but this season’s A/W catwalk and high street is full of brights and patterns unlike the collections of the last few years. Perhaps the decline in the economy and overall feeling of gloom and doom has inspired designers and high street retailers to bring a sense of fun and playfulness to their looks and of course to allow shoppers to infiltrate pieces from season to season and thus saving us a pretty penny!

If you have packed away your summer pieces and thus far appear to be unable to locate anything you originally packed away (always happens!), fear not! There is a great selection of colour popping shorts and skinnies to brighten up your wardrobe until you uncover your summer wardrobe yet then realise it is never all that sunny in this fair isle! Topshop have an awesome selection of colourful shorts with inventive designs. For the boho queens check out these fab dip die shorts, for a figure flattering pair these high-waisted cerise pair will do the trick and look great with a cap sleeve knit and patent loafers. If shorts aren't your thing but you still want a colourful component to your look, River Island's range of skinny jeans really does touch all the colours of the rainbow. My picks include these magenta super skinnies that are so '70s disco and a fantastic edition to your nighttime wardrobe; I just love them! These limited edition green pair will work well with caramels and nude tones, so pair with a leopard print top or fur coat for some added wow factor. 


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