So begins the highly unpredictable weather conditions of the mid-Atlantic region. With Mother Nature’s harsh tricks, it is appealing to just stay in sweatpants and a sweatshirt all day with a cup of tea and a good book, but this Fashionista shows us how to combat the storms of Fall without letting it rain on her stylish parade.

This CollegeFashionista was one of the few left on campus, but looked prepared and appropriate for the incoming conditions. Her military green trench coat and caramel colored combat boots with heather gray socks peeking out the top are adorable ways to stay warm and dry. The wispy tan scarf also adds a touch of femininity that complements the straight lines of the trench coat.

This outfit can be dressed up as well with a more extravagant coat, like a royal blue, ruffled jacket from Francesca’s, or it can be made a little snugger with this long fuscia peacoat from LOFT. Both ways can be tied together with contrast or a pattern, like an animal print scarf from Francesca’s, comfy socks or leg warmers and a pair of durable, yet adorable, boots like embellished combat boots or knee-high camel colored buckle boots from Baker's Shoes.

Sure, spend a day or two in your favorite sweats, but enduring misfortunate weather does not always have to be frumpy. Change it up and add a little sophistication to the storm.

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