STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Combining winter and summer

As of lately the weather in New York City has been rather unpredictable. One moment it could be the most beautiful day and than before you know it theres dark clouds in the sky and a rain storm has suddenly begun. A way to combat this on going ordeal is by mixing pieces from winter with summer items. I was walking around FIT and I thought this fashionista had a very put together outfit that was effortless and weather appropriate. She is wearing a cream colored blouse like tank top paired with dark colored skinny jeans. She is also wearing a pair of brown braided sandles and a messenger bag. To get a simliar look to hers trying a loose tank top like this one from Madewell1937. Madewell not only has cute tops but they are mostly known for their jeans. They have all sorts of style's that range from super skinny to flare and boot cut. They also have differents washes in dark and light colors.  a similar pair to the sandals this fashionista is wearing are sandals like these from Target. Target is a great place to find different items to add to your closet that look upscale but dont have a high price tag attached to it. Want to add an accessorie to make it your own? try a bag like this one from Urban Outfitters or wayfarer sunglasses from Ray Ban. 

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