If you only buy one jacket this winter, make it an aviator jacket. Ever since Burberry’s military girls stomped their way down the catwalk, fleece-lined, leather aviator jackets have been on everybody’s mind and wish list. And they’re not just limited to one sex, either – they’ve been readily available for females for a few months now, but less so for males. However, Topman recently launched their line of aviator jackets for men, so now there’s no excuse not to have one. They’re so popular, in fact, that H&M’s very own has already sold out.

If you’re not sure about what to wear it with or how to wear it, the remedy is simple: treat it just like a leather jacket. Throw it over a white T-shirt, black leggings and some simple black heels for a sexy, ‘50s rock look. Swap the leggings and heels for some jeans and flats, and you’ve got a sleek daytime look. On those colder days, which we’ve been seeing a lot of recently, layering is a must. This Fashionista has done this just right – the look suggests that little to no effort has been put into creating a great look. She isn’t afraid to mix patterns and stripes – the knitted scarf complements the simple blue-striped top well, and the simple addition of a brown handbag bring out the creams from the scarf.

It’s clear that the key item in this outfit is the jacket – the rest of the outfit are simple pieces which are there to bring the whole look together as one cohesive ensemble. Without the jacket, the look would be mediocre, but with it makes this Fashionista on trend and ready to take on anything Winter throws at her. There will always be an air of cool from wearing a leather jacket, so make sure you’ve got the attitude to match.

Hint: Elle UK feature twelve of the best aviator jackets, as part of this month’s ‘6 of the Best’ feature – my favourite is this Sheepskin Parka from Whistles, but Topshop do a more affordable option that’s just as great.  

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Amelia Earhart is one of history's women who soared through the charts…literally. With her record breaking aviation skills to her infamous disappearance she will always be remembered. What seems to get overlooked about this heroine is her classic and signature style. Earhart was a pioneer for women wanting to go beyond the lines and had doubtful critics in the man’s world. She stepped in as one of the boys and made it all her own with pieces that had efficiency, purpose, and a lot of all American charm. For Halloween it’s not always about masking it can be also be about unmasking the inner person within. Some instantly think when it comes to feminine instantly one can imagine a silk buffet of ruffles, lace, floral, and sequins.

In result naturally girls will drift towards princess, Marilyn Monroe, or a promiscuous version of everyday attire (a.k.a school girl). Let’s cross those of the list and instead try the masculine approach with a stellar Aviator costume. Nowadays since I’m older, savvier, and still want to look at things with style I like my costumes to still have some wear after October 31st. This Fashionista presents the perfect base with a textured bomber jacket and solid riding boots. With the denim she looks casual and on the go but to the next level let’s make some rearrangements. For the bottoms try some fitted khakis to keep with the earthy tones. Head gear of course should be a leather aviator hat paired with goggles.

You can have some options with finishing touches like adding a dashing scarf or sunglasses and there you have it! It’s something easy, practical, fun, and a bit of a memorial for an in the sky lady. In the end along with fantastic memories, goodies to last you for months, you’ll still have a wardrobe to work for more chic moments. Hey you never know goggles could be the next big thing.

Happy Halloween to the fashion elite…come fly with me and have a ball!

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