STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Comfortable in Chicago

Rise and Shine! It’s early Monday morning after a long weekend, how do all college kids feel? Tired! Most people would just want to put on some yoga pants and a shirt and call it a day. However, going to school in the city and on any other campus Fashionistas want to dress to impress. Nevertheless, we can still find and put together fashionable, comfy clothes.

When I saw this Fashionista walking on campus I instantly became jealous. She looked extremely comfortable and trendy all at the same time. Her blazer is what caught my eye. The plum color with Asian–inspired floral prints really makes a statement. And it wasn’t that stiff blazer fabric we are all use to. I love this floral blazer. It has a kimono feel but looks more professional, which can allow any student to go straight from class to work. This Fashionista also opted for black trousers rather than jeans for a more comfortable look. The outfit was fairly dull so adding the pop of orange with the purse really added brightness to the Fashionista's long Monday morning. The bag truly makes a statement and so would this one, it's perfect for going to class or going shopping.

The last thing students want to do on a Monday morning is go to class. The thought of jeans or dressing up makes us cringe. Remember though, you can still dress comfortably stylish just like this Fashionista did. Time to dig deep into your closet and see what your wardrobe has to offer.

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