Vintage clothes have been mimicked by major fashion stores for a while now, but it never gets old. Sorry, that was terrible, but the point is, is that vintage fashions are original, stylish and a great way for the Fashionista to expand his or her wardrobe. For example, this Fashionista wears a super cute vintage button up paired with black. This creates a blank canvas to show off the find and accentuate the style of the shirt.

In State College, we have a few vintage stores to shop in and they are continually changing their merchandise. Downtown, there is Rag and Bone, which is small, but carefully chosen and higher quality vintage. A little further out of downtown and there is a Goodwill, which is exactly as you would expect. If you think you are going to spend an afternoon sifting through a warehouse of clothes, you are right. However, the chances of finding your new favorite shirt or the highest waisted, most perfect summer shorts around are enormous!

Hint: When purchasing a vintage piece of clothing, be sure to check it out carefully. Make sure that it is in good shape, with little wear, no tears, and a strong fabric. A little fading in color is ok, it may even be desired if you want that “vintage” look. Also be aware that the fit of the clothes will be different than some of the clothes that you buy today. Sizes have changed and so have overall cuts, so try on everything before you buy it. Simply pair with neutrals and a simple color palette to show it off.

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