STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Complete the Look with an Ankle Sock

Remember the days when socks sticking out of your shoes was considered totally unfashionable? I remember buying socks so low I would come home with huge blisters after a day of walking. Good news for our feet, ankle socks that come above our shoes are now considered fashionably chic. Whether this idea thrills you or you’re still feeling skeptical, there is no denying that showing your socks is no longer a fashion faux pas. Aside from their practicality, socks create a look that will make a great statement this fall. With trends reverting back to minimal, simplistic and clean lines, this Fashionista’s polished look fits the bill. Her V-neck from Urban Outfitters tucked into adorable BCBG denim shorts and washed cotton cardigan from American Apparel was finished off with a vintage woven belt scored from a yard sale. While this outfit is cute and great for class, ultimately it is the affect a pair of white cotton socks has on the overall appeal. The socks make the statement and my eyes were immediately drawn down to her feet. The gray rounded-toe Steve Madden trouser shoes are popping up everywhere this season and I’m loving it! What makes these shoes fresh for the fall is the addition of the ankle sock. A pair of socks can add color and texture to any outfit worn with ballet flats, oxfords or high heeled lace-up booties.

For confirmation on this “must have,” look to Christian Dior who sent models in sparkly ankle socks strutting down the runway for spring. No reason you can’t use this inspiration to funk up your look with a pair of sparkly ankle socks the fall – especially for a night out on the town. Have fun with this trend Fashionistas, it is an easy and thankfully cheap way to add glamour to your outfit. Dare to experiment with different color socks, and different textures. Thicker gauge wool socks in earthy tones and cream will create the look of laid-back country chic; while simple, thin socks or even sheer socks in black, white or gray will create the look of simplistic sleek.

Hint: How to wear it and rock it: Bunched up socks at your ankle can have the effect of making your legs appear shorter. Obviously, we all want our legs to appear as long as possible (even if you are only 5’2”) so for those who may not be blessed with endless model legs, try opting for a mid-calf version or choose a sock in a thin fabric that won’t bunch around your ankle. 


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